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About Loaded Lyrics

Days with purpose make for a life of meaning.

For myself, one pursuit in particular, creative writing, has provided me with a sanctuary, a bulwark, direction, connection and meaning. Mainly focusing on poetry and lyrics, this creative pursuit had previously been purely a personal one but now I invite you to come on my journey with me.

I first started writing in search of a creative outlet but soon realised it was becoming much more than simply pretty observations or fanciful stories. Writing can be incredibly therapeutic and immensely fulfilling. Making new connections, finding novel sequences and translating emotion into scripture is both rewarding and unburdening. If you don’t write yourself I suggest you give it a try. Writing also evokes momentum, preventing static thoughts from stagnating, whilst frequent re-evaluation elicits expansion of thought.

Please feel free to peruse through my intellectual property. Along with my original material you will also find quotes and extracts from other people's work that I have found poignant. Should you wish to collaborate or use any of the content contained within this site get in touch via the contact page to enquire about permission and agreements.

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