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Lyrics & Poetry
By C. R. Y.

Though fading light diminishes sight
And every man has his own fight
The giant's shoulders give us height
To see past antiquated thrones
Yet if we find, what would it change?
Still fish for faith to make us brave?
Replace the old with new to crave?
Create new covers to be blown

(An extract from the UKSC 2015 Semi-Finalist "Whisper If You Know".)


When the fallout from the choices made, try shape the way we move
To the kindred soul that matters you have nothing left to prove
As your perfect imperfections comfort all their eyes consum
Whilst you halve a breath to share the air that lends this life to you

Two hearts
Playing one line
Two hearts
Two hearts
Two hearts
Beating in time
Two hearts
Two hearts

(An extract from "Sychronised".)


All these subtleties of heart
Disguise feelings you won't surrender
Though it tears my world apart
I won't force your hand to tender

Now the words you saved for a promised day are breaking like the waves
& your silence beats to a broken drum that just gets in the way

Can I come in?
Let me in
Dispel the ghost that walks within
I'm not the one who left this weather
Nor the storm your mind's been in

(An extract from the UKSC 2015 Semi-Finalist ‘Let Me In’.)


It’s all the same both halves are blind
Eyes just see what they’re willing
Coincidence the one we find’s
The shape our minds need filling


Impurities our heads refine
Subjecting our imprinting
And only bared as time unwinds
Eliciting misgivings


I’m not what you think of me
And you’re not who I hope you’d be
Yet we find our needs delivered
Becoming… cynical… believers

(An extract from ‘Cynical Believers’.)


First call of duty stand & solute the fallen brave
That left the world we walk, for tattered flags we wave
No less heroic coz the means can’t be explained
They didn’t choose this war. It’s not their call to make

(An extract from the UKSC 2015 Semi-Finalist ‘Never Forget’.)


Once caught in two minds, neither felt like my own
And in twice as much space only felt more alone
Room to be free
But out of touch with life
Though we all make our beds, we have to take sides
Sometimes out on the wrong, sometimes out on the right
Will you find your match hindsight?


Now I’m dragging my heels along fields in my head
Ploughing my mind for the seeds that she spreads
Oh believe me
She sows me up each time
But her stitches are strings I can add to my bow
And my thirst gives a tension, so I’m good to go
Now release me
It’s time to catch my flight

(Extracts from 'Chemistry Queen'.)


Seen sentiment soon change
Whilst time's taking it toll
Then all the ground that's made
Gets lost to changing flow
The opened box forever known
Creates new ones to save her kin
As for the wounds they say time heals
But minds have keys to open them


Though there’s been crocodile waterfalls
Pain drops alone on her pillow
She holds on
Sometimes it seems she can't let go
A thousand wolves cried through the walls
But a titan at the open door
She’s stronger
Much stronger than she seems to know

(An extract from the UKSC 2016 Semi-Finalist ‘A Thousand Wolves’.)


Counting tears as if they’re petals
Divided as they fall
Half love me, half resent me
But you know I’ll catch them all
Sorry if expectation
Built me higher than I’m tall
Whilst imperfection in my patterns
Revealed I was human after all


As memories thaw to fill the gaps
Whilst minds replay like a time lapse
Of nights so long when love was young
Before turning round to find it gone


Now I don’t know
Don’t know
How we let us go
But I’m damn sure we can find us again
No I don’t know
Don’t know
How we let us go
But I’m damn sure we can find us again

(An extract from the UKSC 2016 Semi-Finalist ‘Find Us Again’.)


The willows had fingers they ran through the stream
Etching your name in her current domain
Whilst reeds found their voices as they danced in the wind
Singing your praises, to her offering


Aphrodite… touched me lightly
But that's all it… takes to fall
Gravitating… ever nearer
Falling deeper… in love with you


In love with you
In love with you
Falling deeper
In love with you

(An extract from the UKSC 2016 Semi-Finalist ‘In Love With You’.)


You covet their lives
But don’t have the fight
To get what you want
I’m wondering whose side you’re on
The outside’s or your own


You long for their sight
But close both your eyes
To whatever comes
Why don’t you make it your own?
Something to hold on to


It breaks, breaks, breaks my heart
When you just won’t take part
Just one shot at this
Hit or miss
You’ve got to let it fly
Before it’s passed you by

(An extract from ‘Let It Fly’.)


Remember that time that you were so embarrassed
That you said you loved me, just to hind the carcass
And your eyes were flickering like a dying bulb
Couldn’t hold a focus, let alone a smouldering soul
Just go

(An extract from ‘Just go’.)


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